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Lunch Menu

(Tues - Fri 11am-2pm)

Egg Rolls (2) $4


Pork Pot Stickers (6) $7

Edamame $6

(steamed soy beans in shell with sea salt)

Crab Meat Rangoons (4) $6

Agedashi Tofu (4) $5

(lightly fried soft tofu w/ unagi sauce)

Tempura Fried Vegetables $8

Combination Tempura $10

(shrimp and vegetables)

Chicken Wings (6) $7

(hot braised chicken wings)

Fried Calamari $9


Chef’s Choice Starters

Takoyaki (6) $8

(Japanese dough ball, filled w/ octopus, topped w/ eel sauce & mayo)

Teriyaki Chicken $7

(dark meat w/ teriyaki sauce)

Ginger Garlic Mussels $8

(mussels w/ seasoned garlic sauce)

Chicken Lettuce Wraps $9

(shredded chicken w/ lettuce leaf wrap)

Grilled Rice w/ Sauce $4

(pan fried rice patty w/ unagi sauce)

Dan Dan Noodles $5

(noodles w/ sesame sauce, green onion)


Soups & Salads

Miso Soup $3

(soy bean paste broth, seaweed, tofu)

Hot and Sour Soup $4

Egg Drop Soup $4

Sizzling Rice Soup $4

House Salad $7

(lettuce, edamame, apple, w/ chef’s dressing)

Alaskan Salad $15

(grilled salmon, lettuce, edamame, apple, w/ chef’s dressing)

Teriyaki Chicken Salad $12

(teriyaki chicken, lettuce, edamame, apple, w/ chef’s dressing)



(onion, bell pepper, carrot)

Beef $11.50

Chicken $11.50

Shrimp $12.50

Tofu $11.50

Lunch Specials

 (Served with side of white rice and one egg roll)

(sub brown rice +$1.00)

(sub fried rice +$3.00)

Mongolian Beef $11.50

(green and white onions)

Onion Beef (GF) $11.50

(white onions, gluten-free)

Broccoli Beef $11.50

Vegetable Beef $11.50

(fresh seasonal mix)

Kung Pow Beef* $11.50

(vegetables, peanuts)

Garlic Chicken $11.50

(mushrooms, water chestnuts)

Broccoli Chicken $11.50

Vegetable Chicken $11.50

(fresh seaonal mix)

Sweet and Sour Chicken $11.50

(breaded chicken, vegetables)

Kung Pow Chicken* $11.50

(vegetables, peanuts)

General Tso Chicken* $11.50

(breaded chicken, sweet and spicy)

Sesame Chicken $11.50

(breaded chicken, sesame sauce)

Szechuan Chicken* $11.50

(mixed vegetables, spicy brown sauce)

Snow White Chicken (GF) $11.50

(vegetables, white sauce, gluten-free)

Vegetable Shrimp $12.50

(vegetables, brown sauce)

Pearl Sake Shrimp (GF) $12.50

(vegetables, white sauce)

Kung Pow Shrimp* $12.50

(vegetables, peanuts)

Vegetable Deluxe (GF) $11.50

(vegetables, white sauce, gluten-free)

Bento Boxes

(served w/ white rice, house salad, fried vegetables, boiled egg, seaweed)

A) Kal-Bi $17

B) Bul-Go-Gi $16

C) Teriyaki Chicken $15

D) Grilled Salmon $17

E) Tempura Shrimp $16

F) Unagi (Grilled Eel) $16

Lo Mein or Fried Rice

Beef $11.50

Chicken $11.50

Shrimp $12.50

Pork $11.50

Vegetable $11.50

Combination $12.50

Noodle Soup

Seafood Udon $16

Beef Ramen $14

Pork Ramen $14

Teriyaki Chicken Ramen $14

Jumbong* $17

(spicy noodle soup w/ pork, shrimp, calamari, vegetables)

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